Price list occupational health service (HSE)

As a Dr.Dropin Bedrift customer you get quick access to a full range of add-on services if needed. See full price list below

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Price list HSE Consulting


1.195,- per hour

Your dedicated HSE advisor provides assistance, recommendations, and advice related to your HSE needs. Our experienced professionals offer tailored guidance that ensures confidence in your HSE practices.

Specialist consulting

1.595,- per hour

Our experienced specialists assist businesses with a wide range of issues. We have specialists in areas such as AKAN (Alcohol and Drug Competence Network), Occupational Medicine, Functional Assessment, Organizational Psychology, and Occupational Hygiene.

Risk assesment

3.195,- per

Your dedicated HSEadvisor assists in identifying risks in the work environment with the goal of reducing and/or eliminating these risks. The Labor Inspection Authority expects the Occupational Health Service (BHT) to assist in ongoing mapping and assessment of health hazards in the work environment. This means that in many cases, we should be involved in developing and/or reviewing risk assessments

Safety inspection round

3.195,- per

The safety inspection round is an effective tool for monitoring the physical work environment in the company. With the assistance of our dedicated HSE advisor, you can easily ensure that the safety inspection round contributes to avoiding illness and injuries due to workplace conditions.

HSE review

8.495,- per

Get assistance from your dedicated HSE advisor for a review of your compliance with the Internal Control Regulations (HSE legal requirements). Price includes a comprehensive review and report of all HSE documentation, unless otherwise agreed.

Crisis support (24/7)

By agreement

We offer 24/7 crisis preparedness service, providing access to a round-the-clock health hotline with the option for redirection to a crisis psychologist and/or emergency response center.

Price List Healthcare services

Occupational Health Check

1.595,- per

We conduct legally required health checks at your workplace or at the nearest Dr.Dropin clinic. Targeted health checks are legally mandated for employees exposed to factors requiring occupational health monitoring. Contact your HSE advisor to clarify your needs.

Occupational Vaccination

By agreement

Occupational vaccination is legally required to be offered to employees when the risk warrants it, and is often combined with health checkups. Contact your HSE advisor to clarify your needs. Our Mobile Medical Team conducts necessary vaccinations at your workplace or at one of our clinics.


395,- per

Influenza vaccination is a simple tool to reduce illness and transmission in the workplace. It is recommended to get vaccinated annually at the beginning of the flu season, and we offer vaccinations from October to February each year. Our Mobile Medical Team provides influenza vaccinations at your workplace or at Dr.Dropin clinics

Health Certificates

From 2.195,- per

We offer health certificates at selected Dr.Dropin clinics. The most popular ones include Offshore, Seafarer, Professional Diver, Smoke Diver, and Railway certificates.

Assessment by Occupational Doctor

1.095,- per

Our company doctors can assist employees in assessing their occupational health from a preventive perspective. The most common reasons for scheduling a consultation with the company doctor are related to follow-up on health examinations, sick leave, documentation after occupational injuries, and accidents.

Workplace Assessment (Ergonomic)

895,- per

Our physiotherapists assist with digital assessments of how the work environment and tasks affect an employee's body, providing preventive measures.

Supportive Counseling for Managers

1.595,- per hour

Våre organisasjonspsykologer kan bistå ledere med samtaleterapi og sparring om tematikker og problemstillinger ledere møter i hverdagen

Other Health Services (Employee Benefits)

By agreement

Dr.Dropin offers a variety of other (non-targeted) health services, delivered at the workplace and/or at Dr.Dropin clinics. This includes health checkups, doctor consultations, medical specialists, psychology, and physiotherapy. As a Dr.Dropin BHT (Occupational Health Service) customer, your employees also receive a 10% discount on all Dr.Dropin Health Services.

Measurement and Assessment in the Work Environment

Work Environment Survey

By agreement

Our surveys provide value in improvement and HSE (Health, Safety, and Environment) work. We use QPS Nordic as a starting point, a questionnaire that considers various factors in the work environment that can positively or negatively affect employees. This survey uncovers all the psychosocial work environment factors.

Measurement of Physical Work Environment

By agreement

Measurements of the physical work environment are conducted to determine if there is anything in the environment that could potentially be harmful to your employees' health. Our occupational hygienists conduct physical work environment measurements and propose targeted measures to reduce health risks and ensure better well-being in your workplace.

Price list courses and training for companies

Vi tilbyr bredt utvalg av fysiske og digitale kurs til gode priser.